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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home | Jacob Williamson Realty

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

1) FSBO vs. Hiring a Realtor

When talking to clients considering selling FSBO (for sale by owner), the number one reason I hear repeatedly is that it will save money. TIME is money! Considering the number of hours put into EVERY real estate transaction, that can equate to a lot of money WASTED. This is why I believe there is TREMENDOUS value in using a TRUSTED Realtor rather than going about the home selling process alone.

2) Forgetting Closing Costs

There will always be closing costs if you decide to sell FSBO or use a Realtor. There is no getting around this, so be prepared when entering the final stages of the home-selling process.

Here is a list of closing costs that sellers need to be aware of:

  • Transfer Tax

  • Title Insurance

  • Escrow Fees

  • Prorated Property Taxes

  • HOA Fees

  • Advertising Cost

These costs can add up FAST and WILL affect the bottom line.

3) Overpricing your home

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, the most critical decision is determining a COMPETITIVE price. This will be the best price to let you sell your home in the TIME you want, for the PRICE you wish.

Overpricing your home can outprice a responsible, qualified buyer not looking outside their price range. When you believe you have overpriced your home, you can either reduce the price or let it sit on the market and wait for a buyer. Both could give the buyer the upper hand with more negotiating power.

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