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3 Tips for Photography Staging

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

You've decided what Realtor to use, but more can be done to impress a potential buyer before the house is on the market. Here are three tips for how to add the WOW factor to your home with photography staging.

  1. As they say, it is ALL about the LIGHTING. Make sure all lights are ON. This means NO burnt-out bulbs! Adding more natural light can help the camera pick up more definition to give your home that extra POP!

  2. Camera-ready! The quality of today's camera brings out the GOOD, and it can bring out all the GRIME! Ensure all surfaces are scrubbed clean, and remove all clutter from the staging area.

  3. Action! Make sure nothing is happening at the time of the photography appointment. You don't want a painter, the mailman, your children, your neighbor's dog, etc., in the photo you use to list your home.

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